"Where you invest your love you invest in your life."

- Ocean Delight Surf School - Kovalam Beach, Tamil Nadu, India

My name is Appu and this is my story...

I’m a local of Kovalam Beach. I grew up in a village of fishermen and discovered pretty early the world of the ocean and my passion for surfing. My surfing career took me into several competions and luckily I won some of them. I’m very thankful for this because this gave me the possibility to get to know many people, gave me the opportunity to create experiences, improve my skills and helped me to develop an open and wide mindset.

I founded Ocean Delight Surf School with my friend and Business Partner Vicky in 2015 to give back something to our local community and people I love to have around me. It’s nice to see how children and friends have fun when surfing and create their own experiences.  Come and take a look at Ocean Delight Surf School and let me know whenever you want to take a surfing session with me. You can count me in.

– Appu


... and my name is Vicky

I am based in Kovalam Beach and the ocean is in my blood. I come from a fishing family and started fishing with my father when I was 11 years old. To be a good fisherman, you have to know and respect the ocean. One day I was walking on the beach and saw something that changed my life. Up to that point I didn’t even know what surfing was, but I was immediately hooked and knew I wanted to learn it. That’s how my journey began and I found my passion.

Through surfing, I met people from all over the world and participated in competitions not only in India. In 2015, Appu and I founded Ocean Delight Surf School and my passion also became my job. I am always happy to teach other people this great sport and share my knowledge about the ocean. This way I can also give something back to the community.

– Vicky

Our values

Local Community

All our clients & friends highly value the authenticity and kindness of our local community. Together you will discover one of the most beautiful seasides and the genuine people of India apart from touristic and crowded spots.

OD Surf School

We welcome you to the Ocean Delight Surf School and to create the time of your life. Get to know the community, develop your surfing skills by individual and intense surf lessons and make every moment count!


Waste and plastics are the biggest challenges to our oceans. With the initative "Beach Ocean Life" we take responsibility and care of environmental issues by engaging locals in our neighborhood. We love our beach!

Clients & Friends

"... Appu and his team saved the day and gave us an awesome afternoon surfing. Pefect instructor. Very knowledgeable, super friendly and will recommend him every time!"
Surf School Client
"I love to support the idea of a sustainable Surf School which takes ecological responsibilty (beach cleaning) with locals in the neighborhood serious. Keep on this great work!"
Ocean Delight Friend
"I never expected surfing to be something more than just fun... it's a must have experience! I must say that Appu made it so much more than just fun. I wish I could continue learning to surf..."
Surf School Client
"We spent 3 days in Kovalam to surf and relax. We had a really great time with the community. Good crowd, good waves, good food, what else? We will definitely come back as soon as we can. Thank you. You people are awesome!"
Surf School Client

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Award winning Surf School

Meet the Team

Ocean Delight Surf School - Appu


Founder & Surf Coach
I own a lot of surfboards and have a great team which helps me to organize and give surf lessons to our clients. ISA Level 1 & 2 certified
Ocean Delight Surf School - Vicky


Co-Founder & Surf Coach
As Surf Instructor & friend of Appu, you will see me on boards and help you to develop your surfing skills to have a great time! ISA Level 1 certified

"Just ride the Wave" documentary

Lessons & Rentals

We offer courses for every skill level!

If you have never surfed before our introduction lessons are exactly what you are looking for. If you already tried surfing before (at least 2-3 lessons) the beginner's lessons are perfect for you. If you are an experienced surfer, the advanced lessons are your best fit!

Individual Surf Lessons
(all equipment included)
  • Introduction Surf Lesson
    2 hrs surf session • ₹ 2.500
    90 min. • ₹ 1.800
    Follow-Up lessons • ₹ 1.500
  • Beginner Surf Lesson
    1,5 hrs surf session • ₹ 1.500
  • Private Surf Lesson
    1,5 hrs surf session • ₹ 2.000
  • Advanced Surf Lesson
    2 hrs surf session • ₹ 1.500
  • Group Lesson
    5 persons or more
    90 min. surf session • ₹ 1.300 p.p.
Course Packages
(all equipment included)
  • 3 Day Course • ₹ 4.500
    (everyday a 1,5 hrs surf session)
  • 5 Day Course • ₹ 7.000
    (everyday a 1,5 hrs surf session)
  • 8 Day Course • ₹ 12.000
    (everyday a 1,5 hrs surf session)
  • 12 Day Course • ₹15.000
    (everyday a 1,5 hrs surf session)
Board Rentals
(equipment in shop)
  • Surfboard*
    90 min • ₹ 500
    Per day • ₹ 1.200
  • Bodyboard
    60min • ₹ 250
    Per day • ₹ 800

  • *Please note: Wax is not included if you rent a board. If you need more wax, you can buy it at our Surf School for ₹ 400.

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