Appu getting passionate about teaching surfing.

Appu getting passionate about teaching surfing.

 OCEAN DELIGHT    Surf School-Kovalam


Appu Manik, our Founder, partner and senior coach grew up in a traditional hard working fishing village called Kovalam south of Chennai. His family have made a living by catching, selling and cooking fish for many generations.

Appu was 15 when he started surfing in 2005, a chance encounter with a roaming nomad surfer from Israel. Appu saw the light and has wanted to surf ever since.

Today, Appu is India’s most tropheyed surfer with 3 Indian surf championships and a bunch of other wins. More importantly, Appu says, “I have had the opportunity to influence other young people to  get in the water and ‘catch the wave’ of surfing popularity in India.

Teaching has now became Appu’s passion. Since opening Ocean Delight Surf School in Sept 2015, young talent continues to emerge under his care with previous junior champions Vickey, Surya and Vannan already into the open ranks.*profiles of Vickey, Vannan and Surya below.

The ‘Idea’ of Ocean Delight helping get rid of the rubbish!!

Appu’s desire was also to create something good for his village. Appu wanted to give a chance to young surfers to get more experience and better opportunities, to help them grow in what they love – surfing!!.

Besides surfing, the aspect of a clean environment has become a very important matter to Appu… This is why Appu, with help from some amazing friends and his life partner Pamina, founded the “Beach Ocean Life” project which continues to keep all our beaches and environment clean.

Surya with some of his Trophies

Surya with some of his Trophies

Surya SNAP!!

Surya SNAP!!

Appu in the Maldives

Appu in the Maldives

Appu on the Podium 2016 Indian Open

Appu on the Podium 2016 Indian Open

Manivannan chills after a session.

Manivannan chills after a session.

Vicky likes his board.

Vicky likes his board.



Vicky shredding a nice Kovalam point break

Vicky shredding a nice Kovalam point break


Surya floating a section

Manivannan floating a section


  9 Replies to “About”

  1. Prema DMonte
    20. July 2016 at 18:02

    Hello there,

    Very inspiring to hear the story behind your surf school. I wonder if you also give swimming lesson? If so I would love to join.

    Water feared Person

  2. scott
    27. February 2017 at 11:26

    Hey Guys,

    Do you rent surfboards? and if so how much? Would be looking for a short board if the swell is big or a fish if its small. Plan to head down this Thursday.



    • Appu
      28. February 2017 at 8:08

      Hey Scott,

      thanks for your request. We rent surfboards, yes! Contact surf instructor Vicky for more information:
      + 91 900 30 344 22! We would be happy to welcome you!

  3. tony
    27. June 2017 at 0:00

    I will be in your area next May 2018 with 5 friends…all long boarders. I know it is a long time away but…

    1: What kind of surf/wind direction/strength/surf spot options can I expect in end of May?
    2: Do you have surf guide/instructor who can help us find surf spots for a few days
    3: What are the crowds like
    4: What is the water quality like?
    5: Do we need malaria tablets?


    • Appu
      28. June 2017 at 10:41

      Hello Tony,

      thanks a lot for your request.
      1: There will be offshore wind in May. The waves will be around 2-3 foot. They constantly get bigger the following months. The seasons starts in the beginning of June.
      2: Our surf instructors will be very happy to guide you and show you some surf spots in the area. On the east coast and west coast of India you can surf at several spots. We will be happy to recommand you these places.
      3: As the sport of surfing is not as famous in India as in other places (like Bali) there is not too much crowd. Actually at our spot there is no crowd at all. Of course that depends on the weekday. On the weekends there are some more surfers than during the week. Still not much of a crowd (but it get’s more popular every year).
      4: The water quality is ok. It gets more clean in June. Should be fine in May, but not comparable with Bali oder Sri Lanka or so. Still good enough ;-).
      5: Malaria is not very frequent in the South of India, anyhow it is still possible to get it. For health advides (such as immunisations) it is advisable to see your doc though. Usually our students from abroad don’t take malaria prophylaxis rather using a good mosquito spray.

      We hope these answers were helpful. Please don’t hesitate to contact us again.

      Surf’s up!


  4. Radhika
    29. October 2017 at 18:36

    Hi – we’ll be visiting Chennai in February. My husband is an avid wind-surfer. Do you rent wind surfing equipment?

    • Appu
      10. November 2017 at 16:26

      Hey there. Sorry, but we don’t rent wind surfing equipment. We would be happy to teach you surfing though. Let us know if we can help you in any way!

      Surf’s up!

  5. Soumyaranjan Panda
    11. April 2018 at 14:35

    Just want to try my luck with surfing.
    Having said that have no previous knowledge about surfing and I just know basic survival swimming, it will be helpful if you can mail me about course structure and fee.

    • Appu
      11. April 2018 at 15:18

      Hey there!
      Thank you for your request. We would be very happy to teach you. Basic swimming skills are fine, as the point where we teach is very shallow.
      Please check under the category “Surfing Lessons/Coaching” for the costs.
      Basically it is 90 min of surfing, all equipment included.
      You can also call +91 900 31 45 063 for more information.

      Hope to welcome you soon!

      Kind regards,

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