Surfing Lessons/Coaching

Come and have your individual surf experience in Kovalam, just a short 45minute drive from Chennai City!

We teach beginners through to advanced as well as surfers who have some troubles and need some handy tips.

Our head coaches are some of the most Tropheyed Surfers* in all of India, trained and certified by the highest Australian standards.

Some of our breaks in Kovalam have consistent small clean waves that seem to go forever with only sand (no reef) ideal for learning while for the advanced, Kovalam can produce some excellent barrelling point breaks.

Come and join us for some fun in our beautiful ocean. We will be happy to help you.

*Our Shop has our Trophey cabinet

Surf Lesson/Coaching Rates*:


  • Introductory Course:… Minimum of 2 Hrs, all equipment included.

For those that have never tried to Surf our introductory course guarantees you get off on the right foot…..1500Rs


  • Private lesson:…. For Beginners to Intermediates surfers wanting to sharpen their skills and improve there game………………   Rs.1300 per person(90mins)


  • Group Session Rates:.. Min 4 people:…. Rs.1000 per person


Ocean Delight (OD) Surf Course Packages:

  • OD Surfing Bootcamp- Beginners:

One of Indias highest ranked Surf Coaches backed by our team will head the course and tune your skills over 6 days*. Our Bootcamps are a great way to jump-start your surfing to an intermediate level, in the shortest possible time . ….Rs.7000  per person.


  • OD Surf Bootcamp- Intermediate/Advanced(IA):

HELD OVER 9 DAYS. starting at 6 am to 12pm everyday , If your more serious about improving your surfing then this program is for you.

Starting with a full skill assessment to create a formal Lesson plan – including balance and force through turns, body and feet positioning- identify your strengths and weaknesses and then setting a program with goals and a time frame to back it all up.

We track and monitor your progress so you can easily identify the areas where you need to work on to improve your skills further. This plan will continue to take your surfing to another level well after you have completed the program . …..Rs.9000 per person.


  • The OD Special: All inclusive Live in 7/14 day Custom Package 

Our two founders and India’s most tropheyed surfers, Appu and Vicky,  will personally assess your needs and then personally create a coaching plan with the available consecutive days you have- Min. 6nights /7days. all inclusive (all surf equipment and all coaching and skill assessment plans and daily surf lesson ; Accom*, Meals)


Additional nights- Rs2000/night

*Accomodation is basic dorm style. Other Accom. options avail. upon request at additional charge.

  • OD Mini Weekend Bootcamps: 

For intermediate/advanced ability- full skill assessment available as in IA Surf Bootcamp (for new member). Boot camp on the Beach 7am to 12pm every Saturday and Sunday for 6 months, from April 1st to Sept 30th. Includes surf lesson, all equipment use for full day, lunch, tea, biscuits and ample drinking water.

If you do not have completed Skill Assessment: Rs3800

With Skill Assesment: Rs2800 for 2 days


Note: We are able to customise our surf packages to suit most requirements, please ask Appu or Vicky for any special needs.



Surf board/Body board Hire rates*

If you have a little experience in surfing we are happy to rent our surfboards and bodyboards to you. Please refer to our rates detailed below.


  • Surf Boards* :

1 hour-  Rs.500

2 hours- Rs700

1 day (8hrs)- Rs1000

  • Bodyboards* :

1 hour- Rs.200

2 hour- Rs.300

1 Day (8hrs)- Rs.500

*   Damage/breakage replacement rates apply as per user agreement

We look forward to welcoming you at OCEAN DELIGHT Surf School. Please contact us!  Or complete the contact form below with any questions and we will be in touch.