Beach clean-ups

The last months our project “Beach Ocean Life” came alive. We organized many beach clean-ups in Kovalam. A lot of local kids got involved which makes us very happy. Some of them started to surf with OCEAN DELIGHT and step by step we are growing together to a nice little community. After the flood in Chennai in December 2015 our beach got even more dirty as the trash got washed up in Kovalam. We don’t want to get frustrated but keep on doing what we are doing as we are convinced we can change something. Every single piece of plastic which is not going back into the ocean is a success for us as for all the creatures in the ocean.

The next months we will focus on dustbins which we want to get for the beach as well as signs such as “Please keep our beach clean”.

We want to thank all the sponsors for supporting our project so far!


We always need help –  feel free to join us for the clean-ups. Find us on Facebook and stay tuned for any clean-ups!

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